… until it’s gone

You never realise how much you miss something until it’s gone. And today, that thing is chapters…

I’ve been reading the first few Discworld novels lately. And for a series of books that I love, it’s taking me quite a while to finish each story. I kept wondering why and then I realised… no chapters!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pratchett’s different style and lack of conformity. It’s what makes his stories so damn good. But it makes it hard to find a logical stopping point when I am reading. Which means that I start to stress that I’ve been reading for too long. After all, I find ig really easy to justify “just one more chapter”. It’s a little less fluid to say just ten more pages…

I also tend to find that the lack of chapters means that I don’t use Discworld stories as my rewards. I tend to let myself read a chapter, then get back into study or housework until I reach a certain point… and repeat. A bit hard to do when there is no dang chapter. So I normally grab one of my other books…

So basically. I love Terry Pratchett’s tales. But I kind of miss chapters. And I didn’t quite realise how important they were to me until they were gone…

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