Tying Up Loose Ends

For me, January was mostly about tying up loose ends. I start my PhD in a month or so, and I wanted to have everything with the house pretty much done by that point. Or at least, the majority of what I can currently do… it’s a house, there is ALWAYS something to be done with it…

But, this need to tie up loose ends has extended beyond that. I’ve tried to finish series that I have started and not finished (both book and TV), tried to unpack everything that I have lying around the house, and get the entire place just a little tidier. Once I start studying again, I will be unable to spend so much time on the such, so it is nice to feel like I have finally started to succeed with something.

It really doesn’t help that I am the kind of person who jumps from project to project. I hate being bored, and that makes me jump from fascination to fascination as the need arises. Maybe I should try to be a little more focused in, well, everything that I can do… but honestly, I kind of love the way my jumpy little mind works, and it is great to know that sometimes I get into the mood to just tie up loose ends.



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