Slack, slack, slack (I like 3’s, so sue me)

I’ve been really slack with my writing / blogging / bascially existing lately. So I thought that I’d try and write a bit of a longer post today. But, really, there’s not much that I have to say (which has helped with the slackness).

Things that have happened in the last month:

  • I had the worst Christmas of my life thus far (and that is all that needs to be said on that).
  • I had a great NYE. Until my best friend got upset. But we ended up watching Mulan as the clock ticked over, so all in all, not a loss.
  • I got a scholarship to study a PhD, but part of me doesn’t 100% believe it’s true… so I will write more on this when I feel more confident…
  • I didn’t quite make 1000 books for the end of the year… that was quite possibly the greatest dissapointment of all.

But basically lately I’ve worked and slept, still kind of exhausted today… think I might have to go see a doc or something about it, it’s getting beyond a joke. It’s honestly made for a pretty boring past month, and as I said… a slack with, with not much to write about…

Hopefully that’s going to change for the new year! I have lots planned, now I just have to make sure I can do it all… and have the energy… :S



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