Grim Tuesday by Garth Nix


Grim TuesdayTitle: Grim Tuesday
Author: Garth Nix
Series: Keys to the Kingdom #2
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Australian authors, Easy readingFantasy
Pace: Medium
Format: Novel
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Year: 2004
5th sentence, 74th page: But no bright ideas flared.

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Arthur Penhaligon is supposed to be in bed – after all, it’s only twelve hours since he saved the world. But there’s no time to rest. Grim Tuesday has laid claim to the Lower House and the First Key, and now his misshapen servants are repossessing Arthur’s world and plunging it into financial disaster. To stop them, Arthur must venture back into the House – that surreal, unpredictable realm where he almost met his death.

With companions old and new, Arthur embarks on a heart-stopping adventure that will take him from the dismal Pit of the Far Reaches, all the way to the heart of a sun and back. Racing furiously against time, Arthur must find the second piece of the Will, claim the Second Key, and save both his own world and the House from the destructive greed of Grim Tuesday.


It took me a long time to get to Mister Monday’s sequel – partly because I got distracted by other series, and partly because I got halfway through it and then got distracted the first time around. But, that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a thoroughly enjoyable book, just back when I read this for the first time, it wasn’t quite fast paced and racy enough for me.

Less than twenty-four hours after his adventures in Mister Monday, Arthur is again required to go into the house and fight one of the evil and greedy overseers. This time, it’s the financial health and wellbeing of his family that is at risk, and even though it is a different threat, he is still willing to do anything for them. Grim Tuesday’s greed isn’t just about threatening Arthur and his family, it is also threatening the very foundation of the house.

Although it took a lot longer to find, I actually preferred the Will in this story. It was crabby, difficult and not in the slightest bit helpful. Which not only gave a new spin to the characterisation, but it also helped to create greater problems for Arthur. When he thought that he was about to triumph, the Will’s inability to be flexible (and, well, useful) throws another fun little curveball in the way. Which is always one of my favourite things about reading – the unexpected curveballs that someone else’s left-of-centre minds can throw up.

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