Changes and Incompletion

Reading Speed

This month I haven’t really completed many of my reading challenges. I didn’t complete my semester of study. And I probably have a whole list of other things that haven’t been completed. And at some point a few weeks ago, this was a huge issue. But, now… not so much. I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that things have been changing pretty drastically for me and it’s time to sit back and rethink.

Things are always changing, but after moving into our own home, it feels like things have changed far quicker. I’ve suddenly begun to feel like an adult, which has been a long time coming. And I just feel responsible for other people and more than my own actions now. I’m still a kid at heart and in love with watching Disney movie reruns, but now I am aware of the fact that I have a job and bills to pay…

Which, mostly has meant that in the last month I have stressed about my future, worked my butt off (since we’re short staffed), and not read anywhere near as many books as I would have liked…

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  1. Good luck with your new responsibility! You get used to it after a while 😛
    I love Disney movies 😀
    But also, good on you for not letting your lack of progress bother you 🙂 stepping back and reflecting is a very mature and healthy way to look at it 🙂


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