A New Beginning

ByeByeThis week was Tyson’s first stint away. It was only four days, instead of the usual week, but it’s still been weird. For a couple that has spent almost every two days together since they met, it’s a weird feeling. We’ve been living together for over four years, and not having him around has just been… odd.

It’s also interesting how our dogs have responded. I completely expected his dog (the beagle) to pine for him and try to hunt him out. And I didn’t think that mine (an American Staffy) would not really care at all… he’s a bit of a sloth-dog. But, on the first night it was MY dog that struggled to settle down. He would normally come to bed, fall asleep and then be impossible to move. Every single time I shifted, almost breathed, he would get up and re-situate himself. Yet, after that night, he settled and the Beagle started hunting for her father. Not during the day, but at night, she’s been sitting in the window crying. It’s certainly been an interesting experiment to see how our dogs react without us around.

Now to see how we go for the next few years of our lives…

Image source: Png Tree


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