Failed Readings

As those of you who read this know (if, there are in fact, any of you), I have been trying to partake in reading challenges. October has been my second month. And honestly, it was a failure. Probably because the sheer volume of reading challenges I decided to attempt, and probably because of the amount of study and work that I’ve had on. Really, October has just been a lost month all round.

Firstly, I have about 4 books that will be finished in November and not October. I’m going to add them into my October challenge because I started them then. And really, no one is actually checking up on me. BUT. I still kind of feel like a cheat and a failure. That’s completely balanced out by the fact that I don’t like to fail at a challenge…. this may just be enhancing the confused feeling / trend of the month though.

Why so confused? I think it’s partly the fact that I’ve been super busy. And most likely bitten off WAY more than I can chew. It’s not really a new phenomena for me, but actually having to write about and reflect on my choices over the past few months is a little overwhelming. It is also a good indicator of how damn stubborn I am. I knew a few months ago that I was probably doing too much and my grades were going to suffer (I got quite sick for a while there), but I wanted to win.Confused

Instead of winning, I’m now doing a sub-par, confused job of most things… not really impressed with myself here…

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