This Saturday just gone, I worked at a wedding. It was beautiful, I had fun working with the other girls, but honestly, the entire charade felt really contrived. Especially when the bride and groom had their first dance. Every step had been carefully manufactured and they looked like they were concentrating so hard on the steps, that they couldn’t actually enjoy each other’s company. Which made me wonder, am I alone in thinking that weddings are a ridiculous charade, or am I just a little different (alright, I do know the answer to this according to friends and family, but…)

My “dream wedding” consists of me and Tys standing outside, doing a quick handfasting and then drinking and celebrating with people who are important. I’d even quite happily elope and then just tell everyone later, but I think that it’d probably upset our families a little too much. After all, I’d rather spend thousands of dollars on a holiday, or our house, or something… tangible. Our best memories are those impulsive moments that have developed into a wonderful night / afternoon / weekend together. It’s the moments that aren’t scripted or planned or even thought out that are the most precious. Is it this way for everyone?

My best friend wants to have the white wedding, we’ve talked about where and things, and I am looking forward to it ridiculously. Because it’s a day about my best friend, but I keep coming across this idea that because I don’t want the same thing, I’m somehow unfeminine or covering myself because my partner hasn’t yet proposed. But this is another point that has me going, huh? Because I don’t even need a ring. I need him. It’s not about a big, glamorous proposal or wedding. For me. If someone else wants this, amazing, but for me, we are already husband and wife. I’d just like to make it legal.

Image source: The Ritz-Carlton



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