The Power in the Storm by Tamora Pierce

The Power in the Storm

Title: The Power in the Storm
Author: Tamora Pierce
Series: The Circle of Magic #2, Emelan #2
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Easy reading, FantasyMages
Format: Novel
Publisher: Omnibus Books
Year: 1998
5th sentence, 74th page: She blinked at her teacher.

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Earthquake damage leaves Winding Circle vulnerable to pirate attack. Soon two things become terribly clear: the pirates have a powerful new weapon, and they have an accomplice within Winding Circle. It is up to Tris and her loyal friends Sandry, Daja and Briar, to discover the traitor and weave their magic together to defend their home.


Tris’ story is difficult to envisage from the very beginning, but in The Power in the Storm, her feelings of insecurity, loss and confusion about everything that is going on around her truly come to the fore. But honestly, mostly I love this story because Tris is a character I can completely relate to – the feeling of isolation and not quite belonging is something that everyone feels. Especially when they are a teenager trying to figure out just who they are.

The Circle of Magic series is a great reminder that our family is (and can be) who we choose, not who we are born into. Although Sandry, Briar and Daja are orphans, Tris has been turned away by those who are supposed to love her unconditionally. Yet, she is able to find her true family within Winding Circle and Discipline. And, when crisis hits her home, she is able to find a way to not only harness her own emotions, but save that which she has finally found. Ultimately, it almost costs her everything, but it is this risk and the courage with which she faces that which terrifies her that shows how she has grown.

Although Tris’ story and power is amazing (especially when in combination with her foster-siblings), her control over her emotions and powers need a lot of work. The idea of discipline is such a foreign concept to a child who has been handed from family member to family member. And the consequences of Tris’ actions are only felt at the very end of the story – in a way that is completely unpredictable, and a great ending to a story all about finding a place to belong.

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