Dinner for Five by John Flanagan


the-lost-storiesTitle: Dinner for Five
Author: John Flanagan
Series: The Ranger’s Apprentice #10.6
In: The Lost Stories (John Flanagan)
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Australian authors, Easy reading, Medieval fantasy
Pace: Medium
Format: Short Story
Publisher: Random House Australia
Year: 2011
5th sentence, 74th page: ‘Outside in the street, they could hear shouting and the sound of running feet.

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Dinner For Five is a short story appearing in The Lost Stories about a date between Jenny and Gilan, and three thieves who disrupt their plans.


Jenny and Gilan is a relationship that I didn’t quite see coming – but, surprisingly it works. So, a short story about this out-of-the-spotlight couple was a perfect edition to the collection of short stories in The Lost Stories. And, like all Ranger’s Apprentice stories, there is an element of crime, subterfuge and justice. Dinner for Five is a great little side line that reminds us that, even when they are not necessarily trained, women (like Jenny) are able to take care of themselves and defend those that they love.

There’s something to be said for the protective instinct in people (and literary characters) – it is an amazing driver. Although it is originally Jenny herself that is in danger, it isn’t until someone that she loves becomes endangered that she truly decides to take control of the situation. It is this, and her final sobs when she realises that her dinner is ruined that makes her such a sweet and endearing character. I love that beside diplomatic Alyss and feisty Evanlyn, there is a nurturing, motherly woman.

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