Territorial by Kelley Armstrong


Title: Territorial
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Women of the Otherworld #0.13
Rating Out of 5: 3.5 (Liked this)
My Bookshelves: Dark fantasyParanormal fantasy, Strong women
Pace: Slow
Format: Free online short story
Publisher: Kelley Armstrong online
Year: 2005
5th sentence, 74th page: “We could use a little female companionship.”

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Karl Marsten before the events of Bitten.


Having met Karl and realised more about his character, it is hard to align this image with the man who causes so much havoc in Bitten. However, his initial meeting with Daniel Santos in Territorial and his feelings of abandonment and injustice finally help to highlight his motives. It also explains some of his fascination with Elena – although it is not romantic, there is certainly a feeling of appeal in his relations with the only female werewolf. Although, most of this is simply due to selfish requirements.

I really enjoyed this glimpse into Karl’s selfish nature before he met (and fell for) Hope. His outlook on life and his drivers for every single interaction he has have one goal – to further his own ends. Whether this is to gain his own territory, or find more income, he doesn’t speak with, or interact with anyone unless it is somehow beneficial.

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Image source: Goodreads

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