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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

The Raphael-Andrea relationship takes centre point in this story as they both try to negotiate their changes in their lives. It was actually one of the most frustrating, and difficult things that I have read in a while. I became so invested in their relationship throughout the previous Kate Daniels books, and watching two characters that I am so emotionally invested in argue and fumble around in their lives was quite painful. Although, it was so easy to understand both aspects of their argument and frustration – neither Andrea nor Raphael are completely innocent, but both too proud and guilty in their past acts.

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Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews

Magic Gifts is a cute little aside that occurs while Andrea is running around town in Gunmetal Magic. It also helps to fill in some of the gaps to the interactions between Andrea and Kate. I love the way that Andrews is able to fill in the backstory to Håkon and why Curran was so terrified of Kate’s return.

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Magic Tests by Ilona Andrews

Julie is probably the cutest and sassiest of the Kate Daniels characters, which is saying something – most of the women in the Kate Daniels universe are sassy and have an attitude problem. Her cheekiness and contrary attitude translate beautifully into the narrative’s voice and left me giggling quietly throughout the story.

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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Kate has slowly developed and changed throughout the Kate Daniels series, but it is in Magic Slays that this change is most obvious. At the beginning of the series she is prickly and difficult, and has no close people in her life. However, as she slowly lets people in, these walls dissolve around her. Andrews does this so naturally that it is easy to picture this character evolution, and this great character development was so gradual that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact moment in which this change occurred.

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Snafu by Faith Hunter

I love this short story – it takes us on a journey into Jane’s first job. It was so fun finding out more about Jane’s first day as a PI, and the way in which she had to prove herself to her new employer. The run down locale and shop front perfectly suits Jane’s persona, and it is incredibly easy to see her put in such a position. If Hunter had placed her chief protagonist in a place of good standing and a tidy, respectable front, it would be far more difficult to envisage.

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Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Finishing this book left me with an incredibly warm, fuzzy feeling. The storyline was beautiful and so many questions that I had from the previous books were finally answered, much to my relief. The underlying storyline throughout the series continues, but it moves forward and there is a whole new battle in the future. One that I, personally, can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

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Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews

I loved, loved, loved this novella in the Kate Daniels universe. Andrea is an amazing character, and finding out more about her past and thoughts was a wonderfully fulfilling journey. She’s starkly different from Kate, not only in her weapons choice, but also in the ways in which she approaches the world and her task as a knight.

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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Magic Strikes finally lets us discover more about Kate’s unique and dangerous heritage. Something that has been niggling at me since I first started reading this series. Andrews is brilliant in slowly teasing out this information – each book reveals a new insight into her life before the series and provides an insight into her character and creation. Aside from the main plot line, this makes me want to continue reading the series.

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Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

I loved Magic Bites, but Magic Burns was even better. Not only were the stakes increased, but Kate Daniels’ secret is closer to the surface and the challenges are WAY bigger. From the first moment, I felt thrust into the action. With Kate’s unique voice and independence, Andrews took us on a ride of pure enjoyment and enthralling fun.

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