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Gifts of the Magi by Jean Johnson

It took me longer than it should have to realise that this novella featured the three wise men. Although, in this case, they’re not necessarily men. But, the story was still amazing, and that moment at the end of the story, when I finally clicked as to who they were made it all the more enjoyable. Not only as an ending to a fantastic novella, but also as an ending to a great Christmas collection.

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Astronaut Nick by Brad R. Torgersen

I loved the science fiction spin of this short story. I’ve read / seen / heard a lot of short stories that feature a child not believing in Santa, finding out he’s real and learning a strong life lesson. This,however, managed to give a great science fiction spin to a fairly traditional tale. It also worked as a way to remind us of the old adage that “home is where the heart is”.

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Charlotte’s Web by Erin McCarthy

I keep trying to find other things to read after finishing this novella. But nothing seems to compare to the vibrant and gorgeous innocence that runs rampant throughout this. Actually, the moment that I finished this, I jumped online and bought the other stories in the series. But, since I don’t tend to like reading ebooks, I now have to wait another month or more (probably more being Christmas time) until they arrive…

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Melting Frosty by Maggie Shayne

This was a great, easy, happy Christmas read. One that reminded me of the reasons I love Christmas and making me want to go absolutely insane with the Christmas decorations this year. The title of this novella led me to believe that it would primarily be about snowmen and the song “Frosty the Snowman” kept playing in my head. It wasn’t, but it was still fun reading with the Christmas carol playing in the background.

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Run, Run, Rudolph by Lynsay Sands

I laughed through most of this story. It was just one of those slightly humorous, feel good, easy reads that sweep you along. In fact, it swept me along so well that the “I’ll just read a chapter” thing went straight out the window and I read this entire novella in one sitting. Always a good indication of how much I enjoyed the storyline.

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An Enchanted Season by Nalini Singh, Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy & Jean Johnson

Naw. This collection left me with such happy, Christmassy, gooey feelings. All four of these novellas are simple, cute and incredibly sweet. They encompass the feelings of love and giving that to me is the true spirit of Christmas. After finishing every single one of these novellas, I not only bought something by each of the authors, but I just sat there with a feeling of bliss and happiness that there is still goodness in the world.

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