Falling Pomegranate Seeds by Wendy J. Dunn

I don’t often read historical fiction, it’s not a genre that I’ve ever been exposed to. But, when I met Wendy through Swinburne University and decided to read her book… just wow, wow. I’ve never read such a heart-rending and fascinating story. The fact that it is based upon something that truly happened just made every moment of tragedy and triumph all the more powerful and poignant.

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Hex Appeal edited by P.N. Elrod

This was a slightly dark and definitely morally questioning collection of short stories. In each tale there was no good or bad guy, but rather someone who was working at surviving with the cards that they have been dealt. The name hints beautifully at this though, Hex Appeal, both appealing and potentially damaging – like all of the leads in these nine very diverse stories.

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Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh

The storylines in the Psy-Changeling world just keep getting more and more complex. The fact that they do is not only a testimony to Singh’s ability to expand on her universe, whilst maintaining unique romance stories. After reading eleven books in the same series, all with their own, unique romantic partners, I was expecting to begin to feel same same about the storylines. It is hard to have a series with such a common thread have enough variety to keep one enthralled. Especially when it is not focused on one, single character’s development.

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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

I have been waiting and waiting for the story of Sienna and Hawke since first meeting Hawke in Slave to Sensation. The slow filtering of information about their mutual attraction throughout the past nine books, just increased my need, no, my desire to find out how their story progressed. Add to that the fact that Kiss of Snow has the first real incursion by the Psy into SnowDancer territory, and this whole book was absolutely impossible to put down.

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Star of David by Patricia Briggs

For me, Christmas is all about family and love. It is about gathering together and being grateful for each other’s’ presence in our lives and hearts. And there are a lot of Christmas tales out there that focus on this, there are also a lot who focus upon the Christian understandings of this celebration. Briggs’ Christmas tale focuses on the aspects of Christmas that I love the most – love, family and reconciliation.

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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Mercedes Thompson is one of my all-time, all-time favourite literary characters. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read Moon Called since I first bought it – it’s a great book to pick up when I don’t know what to read and every time I pick it up, I discover a new aspect of the story that I had previously missed. Mercy is a great mix of intrinsic toughness and independence, with a caring and compassionate centre.

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Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

One of the things that I have really loved about Singh’s stories and writing is the inner strength of both of her characters – both male and female. Although often the males are incredibly possessive and protective, the women tend to match them, and sometimes even out do them in their own protective possessiveness. And Indigo is no different, in fact, the ability of a more dominant female to mate with a male was an incredibly intriguing and enjoyable way in which to alter the stereotypes that I am so used to being exposed to in the modern world.

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