Kitsunegari by Kelley Armstrong

Jeremy’s Asian supernatural heritage is shown in Infusion, yet, the true meaning of this and why it created the amazing werewolf Alpha wasn’t revealed until this story. The explanation of his heritage, and even why his mother was so desperate to reproduce with a man that even she found despicable finally makes sense. As does his constant drawing of runes and his uncanny ability to know when his Pack and family are in danger. Even the tattoo which Jamie decides to get at the conclusion of No Humans Involved has an unforeseen power.

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Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong

I’m honestly still not sure what my thoughts are on this story. But, in the most positive way I have ever experienced – nothing was as I expected, the ending caught me by surprise and the entire story has been rattling around in my head for hours. There is just something about Armstrong's writing and her Women of the Otherworld series that tends to linger with me after I finish one of her books, but this novel more so than the rest. It just helped to tie in the greater story, which until now, I couldn’t actually envisage, and, more than that, showed a different, stronger side to Hope Adams than the previous stories.

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Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong

I loved, loved, loved Hope Adams! She is chaotic (literally) and sweet. I didn’t know what to expect from a story about a half-demon with powers over chaos and a jewellery-thief werewolf… certainly not the story that unfolded. But, honestly, this was a novel that was better than anything I could have imagined. It is not only a story about coming to terms with oneself, but also finding a way to work around someone else’s issues and insecurities.

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Ascension by Kelley Armstrong

I’d always wondered how Jeremy became Alpha. It’s obvious that although he is capable of fighting, he often choices not to pursue the past time. It was also difficult to understand how such a reportedly horrifying and devious character, such as Malcolm, ever had a chance of claiming power over a group that I very quickly fell in love with throughout Bitten. Ascension tells that story, alongside more tales of Clay’s teenage years and, even, the creation of his terrifying reputation amongst the Mutts.

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Savage by Kelley Armstrong

I just LOVED finding out the story behind Clayton’s transformation into a werewolf. The dry wit and humour that characterises him throughout Elena’s tales in The Women of the Otherworld series shines beautifully from the pages of this novella. Clay’s voice shows us that our preconceptions of people can be wrong – from the very moment he is intelligent and cunning, combining this childish mind with that of a wolf made him a slightly awkward and successful predator from the age of seven. Even if he was unable to physically show his prowess to others who were far bigger and more terrifying.

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February 2017

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable month of reviews for February. Starting out with some really sweet romances, and progressing to many diverse short stories, it's been a month that has really reminded me to be true to myself and those who love me. The addition of a new puppy to our family has certainly helped this feeling... although it hasn't done good things for the covers of some of my books!

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Infusion by Kelley Armstrong

I never quite understood throughout the Women of the Otherworld stories just why Jeremy’s father was so horrific – what it was that could turn a father so completely against his child. Yes, it sets up the character and storyline beautifully, but the rationale behind such a horrid creature has long fascinated me. And, finally, parts of Jeremy’s heritage and Malcolm’s rage are bought to light in this stunning short story. Although it is guaranteed to leave a sour taste in your mouth.

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The Week That Was – 26 Feb 2017

Classes start back up tomorrow, so this week has been all about running in circles trying to get organised. I have a whole day left to finish getting my stationary, and figure out just where to go at a new uni campus. And honestly… although I’ve done everything… I’m still absolutely convinced that there is…

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Rebirth by Kelley Armstrong

It took me a little while to place exactly who Aaron was in the Women of the Otherworld universe. However, after two pages, I was able to finally understand who this illusive do-gooder was. The appearance of Cassandra helps to further the identification of this character – a vampire member of the supernatural council.

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