The Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

As with the rest of the books in the Percy Jackson Verse, Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods is a great adaptation of the Greek myths. Using a modern voice that makes them approachable to the today’s generation is not only a great way to retell ancient myths, but it also is a truly unique retelling that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Numb3rs Season Four – Review

The conclusion of Numb3rs season three led to the conclusion of Charlie and Don’s conflict about their own past. Forgiving one’s past is great, but it is the renegotiation of their roles and the future that now takes precedence within this season. Our previous understandings of these characters was them as boys, now they take on the roles of men in their work and own lives.

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Numb3rs Season Three – Review

Numb3rs season three has a much greater focus on Don and Charlie’s past brotherly issues. As an older sister, I completely understand the ways in which things that happened when we were children can still have a bearing on how we function in our sibling relations today. Being forced to confront these difficulties in their past helps the brothers to not only face up to their own shortcomings, but also the fact that their own perceptions were clouded. The conclusion of these past arguments helps to strengthen and stabilise their otherwise tumulus relationship, something that is incredibly enjoyable to watch.

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Numb3rs Season Two – Review

The second season of Numb3rs further emphasises the importance of family. The relationship between the two brothers and their father is the main point within this season and I love the uniqueness of this approach. Where a lot of other shows focus on relationships of a different intimacy, the exploration of adult familial relationships is refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Numb3rs Season One – Review

I love the idea behind Numb3rs – the very basics of logic (maths) to solve crimes. Implementing a purely logical approach to explain an illogical act (human interactions) is a fantastic idea. So, combining maths with crime solving is a truly unique and fascinating way in which to approach the crime genre in TV.

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Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Finishing this book left me with an incredibly warm, fuzzy feeling. The storyline was beautiful and so many questions that I had from the previous books were finally answered, much to my relief. The underlying storyline throughout the series continues, but it moves forward and there is a whole new battle in the future. One that I, personally, can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

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Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews

I loved, loved, loved this novella in the Kate Daniels universe. Andrea is an amazing character, and finding out more about her past and thoughts was a wonderfully fulfilling journey. She’s starkly different from Kate, not only in her weapons choice, but also in the ways in which she approaches the world and her task as a knight.

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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Magic Strikes finally lets us discover more about Kate’s unique and dangerous heritage. Something that has been niggling at me since I first started reading this series. Andrews is brilliant in slowly teasing out this information – each book reveals a new insight into her life before the series and provides an insight into her character and creation. Aside from the main plot line, this makes me want to continue reading the series.

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