September Vamplet Nursery

Duration: 1st September – 30th September
Number of books: 6
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession

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How will you manage these creepy cute little monsters, you ask?
By reading them stories of course!

Each month we will assign a set of reading tasks to help you placate the Vamplets. For each set you complete you get a Vamplet for your nursery (plus some other goodies).

There are 3 task levels to suit your reading speed (you can do a different level each month if you want).
Level One – 2 tasks
Level Two – 4 tasks
Level Three – 6 tasks


1. Title begins with any letter in Octavia
Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

2. Any book on the goodreads list Not The Normal Paranormal
The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter

3. Any book mentioned in Paranormal RealmsVampire Empire, or on your TBR for longer than 9 months.
Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

4. Author or character name begins with any letter in ‘Apparition’
Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares

5. Read a book that features Greek mythology
Rise of the Blood by Lucienne Diver

6. Read a book with an eye on the cover
The Gypsy Crown by Kate Forsyth

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