The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy Short Stories

The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy by Mike Ashley

The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy edited by Mike Ashley

  • The Wonders to Behold by Mike Ashley
  • Forbiddren Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire by Neil Gaiman
  • The Blue Magnolia by Tony Ballantyne
  • Colquitt’s High-Energy Trousers by Steven Pirie
  • A Drama of Dragons by Craig Shaw Gardner
  • Pest Control by Adam Roberts
  • Wrong Planet by Tom Holt
  • Return of the Warrior by Laird Long
  • Christmas Games by David Langford
  • Stephen Skarridge’s Christmas by Frank R. Stockton
  • Sing a Song of Sixpence by Robert Loy
  • The Kaluza-Klein Caper by Damien Broderick
  • Shoes by Robert Sheckley
  • The Day We Played Mars by Maruice Richardson
  • Fowl Play by Steve Redwood
  • The Deaths of Robin Hood by Rhys Hughes
  • Bad Timing by Molly Brown
  • Sweet, Savage Sorcerer by Esther Friesner
  • The Power and the Gory by James Bibby
  • The Strange Affair of Mr Corpusty by Anthony Armstrong
  • The Great Wish Syndicate by John Kendrick Bangs
  • Fractal Paisleys by Paul di Filippo
  • Almost Heaven by Tom Gernecer
  • A Rude Awakening by Gail-Nina Anderson
  • Spoiled Rotten by Grey Rollins
  • The Birth of A.I. by Cynthia Ward
  • Stakes and Adders by Marilyn Todd
  • The Sea Serpent Syndicate by Everard Jack Appleton
  • Yo Ho Hoka! by Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson
  • The Mirrors of Moggropple by John Morressy
  • I Married a Robot by Ron Goulart
  • Mrs Wilson and the Black Arts of Mrs Beelzebub From Number Six by Steven Pirie
  • Sooner or Later or Never Never by Gary Jennings

Image source: Goodreads

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