Scavenger Challenge – February

Duration: 1st February – 28th February
Number of books: 7
Hosted by: Crazy Challenge Connection

During Prohibition, Southern bootleggers souped up their cars so they could outrun “the law,” and it didn’t take much for them to start racing each other on local highways. Someone – nobody is quite sure who – put a simple track in a cow pasture, and from there, the sport that is now NASCAR was born. The Daytona 500, one of NASCAR’s most popular races, and the one that kicks off the beginning of a new racing season, is held in February every year, so we decided to base this month’s challenge theme on “The 500.” To paraphrase the race’s Grand Marshall, readers, start your engines!

1. NASCAR – the National Association for Stock-Car Racing – was founded on February 21, 1948, and has evolved from dirt tracks and cars purchased directly from auto dealers to paved oval tracks, with varying degrees of banking and cars whose engines alone cost over $100,000.
* Read a book with a car (only a car will count, no trucks, buses, etc.) shown prominently on the cover; post the cover OR a book originally published in February
River Marked by Patricia Briggs

2. The inaugural Rolex 24 at Daytona covered 82 laps. Drivers who complete “The Great American Race” will run 200 laps on the 2-1/2 mile-long track, a total of 500 miles. The average annual global TV audience today is estimated to be around 20 million viewers.
* Read a book over 500 pages long; tell us how many pages OR a book by an author whose first and last initials can be found in DAYTONAThe Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody

3. The first Daytona 500 was held in 1959. The finish was so close that it took NASCAR three days to ultimately determine that Lee Petty, father of Richard Petty, had won the race.
* Read a book that features a father and son OR a book by an author whose first or last name is Lee or Richard/s
Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

4. Daytona International Speedway is the largest lighted sports facility in North America. Two complete Disneylands would fit inside the 180-acre infield of the speedway, and you can see the Atlantic Ocean from the top rows of certain sections.
* Read a book with an ocean shown prominently on the cover; post the cover OR a book in which a character attends a sporting event of some kind; tell us the event (a kids’ soccer game counts!) – Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson

5. The Harley J. Earl trophy, awarded to the winner of the Daytona 500, is named for the General Motors designer who built the first-ever concept car. He was NASCAR’s second commissioner and is also known as the “Father of the Corvette.”
* Read book #2 of a series; tell us the series name OR a book with a character who wins a competition of some kind; tell us the character and the competition (race, ball game, contest, etc.)
The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

6. On February 18, 2001, seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion Dale Earnhardt died from injuries suffered in a crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500. The legendary driver’s death led to major safety changes in NASCAR such as the adoption of SAFER barriers (steel and foam energy reduction barriers), the HANS Device (head and neck support device ), and the creation of the Car of Tomorrow.
* Read a book with a 7 in its average GR rating (NOT the number of reviews!); tell us the rating (example: 3.72) OR a book whose main character’s name starts with a letter in EARNHARDT; tell us the name – Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

7. Richard Petty holds the record for the most victories (seven) and is tied with Sterling Marlin for the most consecutive victories (two). The oldest winner was Bobby Allison in 1988, who was 50 years old; the youngest, in 2011, was Trevor Bayne, who won the race the day after his 20th birthday.
* Read a book where the first letter of every word in the title (ALL words count) can be found in the name of one of these four drivers; Richard Petty two-word minimum (tell us the driver you used) OR a book with a main character who is over 50 years old or under 20 years old; tell us the character’s name and age
Allegiance of Honour by Nalini Singh

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