Once Upon a Quest Short Stories

Once Upon a Quest: 15 Tales of Adventure

  • West of the Moon by Annie Bellet
  • A Bell in the Night by Evelyn Snow
  • Mistress Bootsi by Anthea Sharp
  • White Rose by Phaedra Weldon
  • The Goblin and the Treasure by Alethea Kontis
  • The Ruins of Oz by Alexia Purdy
  • A Touch of Gold by Rachel Morgan
  • Magic and Machinery by Jamie Ferguson
  • Blow Your House Down by Nikki Jefford
  • Bane and Balm by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
  • Cat White by Kay McSpadden
  • King Arthur and the Chalice of Life by Julia Crane
  • Fear of Falling by Shawntelle Madison
  • The Merrow’s Golden Ring by Sara C. Roethle
  • Take My Monsters by C. Gockel

Image source: Goodreads