Nightmare Carnival Short Stories

Nightmare Carnival Audiobook | Dennis Danvers, Ellen Datlow ...

Nightmare Carnival edited by Ellen Datlow

  • Scapegoats by N. Lee Wood
  • The Firebrand by Priya Sharma
  • Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip by Nick Mamatas
  • And the Carnival Leaves Town by A.C. Wise
  • Corpse Rose by Terry Dowling
  • Last of the Fair by Joel Lane
  • A Small Part in the Pantomime by Glen Hirshberg
  • Hibbler’s Minions by Jeffrey Ford
  • Swan Song and Then Some by Dennis Danvers
  • The Lion Cage by Genevieve Valentine
  • The Darkest Part by Stephen Graham Jones
  • The Popping Fields by Robert Shearman
  • Skullpocket by Nathan Ballingrud
  • The Mysteries by Livia Llewellyn
  • Screaming Elk, Mt by Laird Barron

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