The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance Short Stories

The Mammoth Book of Ghost RomanceThe Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance edited by Trisha Telep

The Chinese Bed by Anna Campbell
Old Salt by Carolyn Crane
Haints and Hobwebs by Jennifer Estep
Hat-Trick by Gwyn Cready
Ghost of Blackstone Manor by Donna Fletcher
Seventeen Coppers by Jeannie Holmes
Yours in Eternity by C.T. Adams
The Lovers by Julia London
A Single Girl’s Guide to Getting Ahead by Liz Maverick
Jonquils in the Snow by Annette Blair
The Heart Thief by Cindy Miles
Ghost in the Machine by Dru Pagliassotti
Three Little Words by Christie Ridgway
Ghost of a Chance by Caridad Pineiro
In His Hands by Sara Reinke
Can You Hear Me Now? by Sharon Shinn
The Storm by Linda Wisdom
>>>–4EVR—> by Holly Lisle

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