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January 2019
Cosplay Cuties Collection
Hans Brinker
Happy New Year
Monthly Challenge

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1st Quarter Challenge
From Sea to Shining Sea – Texas
National Trivia Day
Poker Face
Revenge of the Gods
Star Constellations
The US Space Program: A Brief History

Year Long Challenges

A – Z Challenge – Authors
A – Z Challenge – Female Character Names
A – Z Challenge – Male Character Names
A – Z Challenge – Series
A – Z Challenge – Titles
Around the Year in 52 Books
Cover Love
Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Goodreads Challenge
Pick Your Poison
Popsugar Reading Challenge
Reading Women

Completed Challenges
Monthly Challenges

December 2018
Bleeding Edge Beauties
Monthly Challenge
Scavenger Challenge

January 2019
Patience is a Virtue

Non-Monthly Challenges

A Book That Was…
Fall 2018 Challenge

Year Long Challenges
Finished Challenges Archive
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