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May 2021
Funko Vamps
Happiness is Between the Pages of a Book
May Flowers
Monthly Challenge
Moonlight Serenade
Mothers in Literature Scavenger Challenge
Mothers in Literature Spell Challenge
Night Spawn Bingo

Non-Monthly Challenges

Second Quarter 2021
2nd Quarter
A Flutter of Butterflies Scavenger Challenge
A Flutter of Butterflies Spell Challenge
Paranormal Kit: Monsters
Villains We Love to Hate

First Half 2021
Alpha Men
Queen of the Damned

Year Long Challenges

A – Z Authors
A – Z Female Characters
A – Z Male Characters
A – Z Series
A – Z Titles
The Amazing Arcane Race
Around the Year in 52 Books
Astrology Reading
Benny’s Bawdy Bingo
Cover Love
Goodreads Challenge
Pick Your Poison
Potions Class
Reading Women
Series Mt. TBR
Stop in for a Spell
What to Read in 2021

Completed Challenges
Monthly Challenges

April 2021
April Fools
Coming of Age
Funko Vamps
Moonlight Serenade
National Scrabble Day Scavenger Challenge
National Scrabble Day Spell Challenge
Night Spawn BINGO
Spring is In the Air

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Year Long Challenges
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