Reading Challenge

Monthly Challenge

August 2020
Admit You’re Happy – Scavenger Challenge
Admit You’re Happy – Spell Challenge
Be the Good
Dracula’s Beauties
How to Train Your Dragon
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Non-Monthly Challenges

3rd Quarter Challenge
Cruise of the Damned
The Final Countdown
Hidden Objects
Mystic Carnival
Paranormal Kit – Werewolf Hunting Kit
Play That Soundtrack
Summer Fun
Summer Spell Challenge

Year Long Challenges

A – Z Authors
A – Z Female Characters
A – Z Male Characters
A – Z Series
A – Z Titles
Around the Year in 52 Books
Go Big or Go Home
Goodreads Challenge
Mount TBR 2020
Pick Your Poison
Popsugar Challenge
Reading Women
Series Mount TBR
Tome Tracker

Completed Challenges
Monthly Challenges

July 2020
Build a Scarecrow
Dracula’s Beauties
Eye of the Beholder
Ice Cream O’Clock
Monthly Challenge
Spell Challenge

Non-Monthly Challenges

Summer Challenge

Year Long Challenges

Finished Challenges Archive

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